hydrogen is a very unstable gas

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hydrogen is a very unstable gas

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' Nothing is impossible to explore documentary, which will have the "flying Pixar" scene,burberry soldes, when a film forehead wanted to, we can play with. subsequently began collecting team members. members were friends from the preparation to the 7 days officially take off, however. was hanging house, but then I thought imitate no sense to do it to be innovative, others hanging house we hanging people. Subsequently, four members to reach a consensus on the overall spend not more than 5000 yuan, hanging with balloons flew over the Jialing River is considered a success. So 4 people split up, and the Internet to find the balloon, looking for a manufacturer of power gas, then Chaotianmen spend 280 yuan welding a tripod for hanging balloons, as well as 20 yuan bought a hammock. In addition, they also accurately calculate the weight of the equipment and the human body, as well as measuring wind speed and direction, to ensure the safety and success of the "trapeze" gas buoyancy. Members Pei Hao told reporters, hydrogen is a very unstable gas,louboutin pas cher, encounter friction when exposed to heat and deflated too quickly are likely to cause an explosion. "We have six three meters in diameter and 6 meters in diameter rubber balloon, with a total of 11 cans of hydrogen, spent 2,800 yuan." "Flying" process exciting after seven days of careful preparation and testing, the balloon flight game in officially began at 9:55 on April 22. As early as April 22, everyone together to find the hydrogen balloons filled with dew, which seriously affect the buoyancy of the balloon, originally set by 140 pounds Liu Wei Han flight had to be temporarily changed by a weight of 100 pounds, Sun health battle. But even if such a balloon or float it up, a last resort, Sun Jian only took off his belt and outer pants without reservation. Wearing only a pair of sneakers, a pair of underwear and a T-shirt on the balloons to bring Sky course with a dagger used to cut off the balloon, a cell phone to contact the ground, and a camera is used to record, what other security protective measures. "Pei Hao said, then rising very fast Later, information from the image point of view, just two minutes, Sun Jian and balloon projection in the shadow of the earth has become an instant sesame seeds. The Sun Jian recalled "heaven" scene images according to later estimates, the maximum time I was a balloon with a fly to a height of over 1000 meters. More than the height of the mountain, the wind direction and the original estimates of the completely different, Sun Jian was balloon pulling flew the Beibei contemplation the coming Jindaoxia the position. After landing, he was cut off with a knife three balloons, began to slowly descended in a farmland near the tree. After the end of the flight, according to the statistics of the image data,burberry, Sun Jian fly in heaven half an hour for 42 kilometers. Official response: The city does not allow the hydrogen balloon manned flight on the 10th, a staff member of the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau,louboutin, told reporters that the nine districts within the main city does not allow any hydrogen balloon,jordan, hot air balloon manned flight. Chongqing Airlines the Authority a Yangxing staff also said: "This hydrogen balloon manned flight behavior of other like aircraft and other spacecraft have security risks. Hydrogen balloon aircraft mainly depends on its location If the in aircraft movements route, the height of several hundred meters also have a significant impact, not to mention the high-altitude flight. "@ genius: I can not believe this is really the ultimate game Jingxian! Exciting! @ Lu Chen condensate: ideal, action, courage,burberry pas cher! @ Out of a Tintin: This does not advocate, or to the safety.
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so they get into unnecessary trouble.

Kou strong suspicion of rape Pukou District Procuratorate approved the arrest.
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