Hello Kitty

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Re: Hello Kitty

Post by PrettyGrlSwag26 »

I wanna kno if i can make a Minnesota Vikings Keyboard skin like this?

http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt ... gQfgzvyMDA

and a better keyboard skin like this too? if so let me kno and thank u!

http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt ... gQez3bn6Cw
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Re: Hello Kitty

Post by meyergre »

sure, easy. i'll give it a try as soon as i get some time ;)

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Re: Hello Kitty

Post by SweetaThanHunny101 »

Wow! the hello kitty keyboard skins are beautiful and my daughters love them! But if you can make a Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bulls keyboard skins for me please? And some other designs such as flowers, and hearts would be great as well!!
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Re: Hello Kitty

Post by danielledrown »

Thank you! I love your Hello Kitty skins!
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Re: Hello Kitty

Post by jisabel77 »

I have problem to download this skin
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Re: Hello Kitty

Post by lindajbc33 »

Hope it works! I have wanted this skin for weeks.....just couldn't find it! Thank you! :D
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Re: Hello Kitty

Post by bellamia2 »

Could someone tell me how to find the hello Kitty zip to download
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Re: Hello Kitty

Post by merari7012 »

meyergre wrote:DOWNLOAD

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