Portion Control Meal Preparation - So You Don’t Go

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Portion Control Meal Preparation - So You Don’t Go

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Portion control eating has always involved eating sensible portions or amounts of food so that you can include any foods in your menu and still lose weight and maintain your weight loss. You can do this at home quickly and easily and create healthy meals that will satisfy your hungriest moments.
With foods from each of the main food groups you will be able to provide the variation in your cooking to keep your meals different and make eating an interesting experience instead of predictable and unappetizing. Fresh ingredients like herbs or vegetables from your garden are always the best basis for tasty meals and add to the variety in flavor and aroma in your kitchen!
With the freshest foods from the grains, meat, fruit and vegetable and dairy food groups you will be able to plan a wide range of inviting meals. Remember to include the foods that you really love even if they are not the healthiest of all. They are part of your life and need to feature even if they are in small portions,green 800 coffee, less frequently. This is how you can make portion control eating an interesting way of life instead of a diet.
Some foods will promote weight loss more than others. We call them ‘slimming sensations’. They are foods with lower fat and sugar content that are higher in nutritional value. As you aim to lose weight, slimming sensations should feature regularly in your eating plans. But don’t totally exclude your favorite dessert even then. You can continue to lose weight even with small slice or taste of something you love to eat, occasionally.
The secret to eating these unhealthy favorites is always based on how much of them you eat and how often. When you manage the portion size and frequency of eating these,P57 Hoodia, you exercise portion control and enjoy its benefits without being ‘on a diet’. By selecting healthy foods that contain goodly amounts of fiber vitamins and minerals and have limited salt and sugar, you are meeting your body’s greatest needs. Small serves of sweet or salty that you crave from time to time can be accommodated as an ‘added extra’.
Long term deprivation from those foods that you really love will only make you want them more! Keep them in your pantry. Just remember to only serve them in small amounts and occasionally. They can be accommodated in your portion control eating plan and added to meals filled with fresh vegetables, lean meat or fish and fruits.
The following information provides healthy suggestions for your choice of foods representing all food groups. The meal plan below can form the basis of one menu at home or when you eat out. The healthy foods here can be combined with small amounts or ‘tastings’ of less healthy alternatives while still keeping your food intake high in nutrients.
Fresh fruit
Boiled, poached, not fried
Vegetable, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and other mixed vegetables with low-calorie dressing
Biscuits, tortillas, flat-breads
Potatoes or Substitutes
Plain rice, preferably brown rice
Low-fat sour cream or yogurt
Steamed, boiled, raw, stewed
Fish, Poultry, Meat
Lean meats with all visible fat trimmed
Fat-free or low-fat yogurt, pudding, or Jello
Flavored coffee
Flavored Water (eg unsweetened lemon water), water
Coffee, tea
Combine the right proportion of foods low in sugar, fat and salt in your portion control meal plans. You will still be able to include a treat now and then and continue losing weight or maintaining your weight loss. Make sure that proteins represent a quarter of each meal,botanical slimming product, grains another quarter and that fruit and vegetables make up the remaining half. Your ‘added extra’ treat will provide little nutritional value but will be the something special that will spur you on to eat healthy balanced meals regularly.By: Rowena I French
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