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he sent this back'

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's boyfriend sick urgent need to use the money, boyfriend, father of the assets to be freeze need to spend money handling and other grounds "borrower", 12 victims fraud a total of RMB 180 million yuan, of which the most cheated more than 60 million. In this regard, Liu Yamin and her daughter pleaded guilty. Liu Yamin said, she called the process of "borrowing" IOU, is also trying to repay, and she and her husband pay card and identity card, the account of the charge in the hands of these borrowers. This reporter has learned, the friends of these victims not Liu Yamin Liu Yamin neighbor. Borrow money to do some of them until now telling his family, some of this thing home has so much noise turned upside down, there are even divorced. Court yesterday, seven of the victims came to court to attend the trial together, most of which are on the age of the elderly. See the reporter lens, they immediately waved his hand. "Do not shoot us ......" In the meantime, the judge gave the opportunity to ask questions of these victims to Liu Yamin mother and daughter. Emotional, the questions have become a "condemnation". "You say of Zhai natural wisdom boyfriend had leukemia want to change the bone marrow, we only lend you the money,moncler, the money you get Where did it go " "You have to spend, this is impossible!" One of the victims in court on tearfully said Liu Yamin from 2007 began to borrow money with her, said that it was the Zhai ran wisdom boyfriend's mother had leukemia. "My eldest daughter is leukemia died, I relented being so lend you the money but you can understand how I feel now " Liu Yamin listening to the accused, dazed, without saying a word. Crying days when Ma Lei court to borrow money indifferent to the victim, said Liu Yamin and her daughter to "borrow" to reach out to them, always the name of the name of daughter boyfriend Jin Zhao (sound). In addition to leukemia, Liu Yamin even told them to say, The Kim Chiu father Returned Overseas Chinese money is seizure Court lawsuit, as long as the chip in the things money can also on promised high interest. However, in court yesterday, Liu Yamin mother and daughter that he did not hear yourself when Kim Chiu victims are anxious. Because these are their funeral expenses and pension money. Turning why would lend money to Liu Yamin and her daughter, the victim said the mother and child and kowtow and kneel, piercing cry, even the iron heart soft. The victim Zhang aunt with Liu Yamin years friends. Zhang aunt said Liu Yamin and her daughter many times to borrow money from her family, each of tears. "Friends stopping by to see that scene can not stand to go to my home, you think about it even strangers to lend to her, I can no matter you " Based on years of trust, Zhang aunt not only to save the life savings lent Liu Yamin and her daughter brought her mother, her daughter's money to take care. Because many victims met by Auntie Zhang Liu Yamin, she was more guilty. Listening crowd denounced Zhang aunt cried speak, compared to borrow money when crying day Ma Lei, Liu Yamin and her daughter on the court at this time neither tears nor apology, but look indifferent. The whereabouts of the money so far a mystery that people have accused her daughter yesterday, the victims have said they are most concerned about the whereabouts of the money to the court, and hope to recover cheated. However, regardless of the victim, the judge, counsel how to ask Liu Yamin, Liu Yamin are silent answer. Zhai the contingent Hui told the judge, the mother did not give her a penny. The mother said he needed money,moncler pas cher, so she will discuss in her boyfriend's name to borrow money. She later learned that the mother is playing baccarat lost their money, does not want her father to know. The gallery, the victim does not believe of Zhai natural wisdom explanation. "You cry and kick to say 'aunt you so much busy to help, he sent this back', how do you play so much like ah Do not forget these money are our life insurance money." People familiar with Liu Yamin said Liu Yamin did bad bet, every morning and evening she came out to walk the dog, got the time to gamble The victims, deceptive mastermind Zhai natural wisdom the Liu Yamin to do so in order to keep her daughter. "Your mother raised you so big is not easy, you can not push your mother into the pit of fire!" You go to our house carrying a LV bag, with more than 30,000 computer, but where's your money " young age the long points conscience. "victim in the gallery, you made me a language, have accused Zhai natural wisdom that there is certainly a thing. The victim said, Liu's husband had seen outside the courtroom yesterday, but into the courtroom without him. Another victim said that after the incident she contacted Liu's husband, her husband had promised sellers also have to give it on, but now no one below. So far the mother and daughter do not say where the money could not be recovered, the investigation organ. For it was said Zhai natural wisdom under the name of the room, but the court said the property status of the mother and daughter to further verification. This reporter has learned that the money is going, Liu Yamin several confessions of the public security organs differ significantly. Just caught Liu Yamin confessed that gambling, the lottery owe a lot to borrow money in order to pay gambling debts; After a confession Liu Yamin has also changed its tone, said neither gambling nor the lottery; in the last once a statement, she also said that the money to her daughter. Throughout Liu Yamin did the whereabouts of the money, the investigative organs have not mastered. It is reported that in addition to these victims, Liu Yamin and her daughter also borrow from relatives is not a small number of payments. "They do not want to say the money's whereabouts, there is likely to be cheated or are exposed to coercion." Zhai natural wisdom defender think so. The daughter dressed hot whereabouts of the mother-daughter relationship is very good money will not affect sentencing results. The prosecutor said that Liu Yamin, Zhai contingent Hui and her daughter's behavior had constituted the crime of fraud, is an extraordinary amount, according to the criminal law, it is recommended that the sentencing court in 12 years in prison to 14 years. Yesterday, the case is not in court for sentencing. Tribunal, victims have told reporters that they knew Liu Yamin is a retired worker, usually plain clothes, a man of few words, is not good to wear, even grocery shopping to buy street summarized heap at the dish, he will not gambling. Opposite her daughter Zhai natural wisdom who not only have tattoos, usually dressed very "hot". Neighbor Wang told reporters, the Liu Yamin foreign said daughter Zhai natural wisdom in college, but then she knew nothing of the sort. She often Zhai natural wisdom during the day and sleep at home, go out into the night, until three or four o'clock in the morning to go home. "I analyzed the money certainly is to his daughter, she will not spend." Zhang aunt said, Zhai natural wisdom to her impression mouth sweet little girl, very clever. Liu Yamin and Zhai natural wisdom good mother-daughter relationship, Liu Yamin also hurt her daughter. Zhang aunt also mentioned, the Liu Yamin ago spoken to borrow money with her daughter complain that they can not hack it, even money can not borrow. "Is not her daughter out to provoke what happened, or been cheated " Speculation over the victim. (Victims of the text are not his real name) told this reporter Zhang Lei
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